Monday, February 19, 2018
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Life Members

Category: Membership

Life Members

Karim Aldridge-Rann 
Thom Allison
Katherine M. Allman

Patrice Anderson
Rosemary Antoine
Dale Baum
Gerald Baxter
Lunecia Baxter
Patricia A. Bayonne-Johnson
Gwendolyn M. Booze
Charlesetta Braggs-Ford
Charles T. Brown
Ed Butler
Jo-Ann Butler
Henry L. Cash
Lais Henderson Cash 

Juliet E. Culliver Crutchfield, Ed.D. 
Geraldyne DeBerry
Barbara A. Dunn
M. Howard Edwards
Thelma L. Elbert 
Shirley Evans 
Melvyn L. Gillette
Bette R. Golden
Samuel L. Golden
Rhonda Rachel Harris
Ronald W. Higgins
Horace House
Rev. Adolph Kelly
Lisa B. Lee
Pearl Marsh
Carol Ann Miller, MD
M. R. Miller
Minnette Murphy, MD
William R. Murphy, DDS
Carole Neal
Jim Neal
Electra Kimble Price
Charles Robinson
Sarah Robinson
Diana Diamond Ross
Cheryl Smith
Cleveland Smith
Daniel Spelce
Martha Swisher
Norman L. Thompson
Alvis Ward Jr.
Marilyn Elaine Patrice White
Beatrice Moore White
John White
Clay Wilson


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