Destination: Pedigree Podcast – Episode 3: Interview with Melvin Collier (Part Two)

Photo of Melvin Collier

Episode 103 of AAGSNC’s Destination: Pedigree podcasts continues my interview with Melvin Collier. Part two of the interview covers:

  • How Melvin was able to connect the dots between his family’s oral history and finding the documents that confirmed his ancestors last slaveholder
  • The impact that discovering the last slaveholder has had on his family, especially the younger generations.
  • Advice on the steps to take to trace the last slaveholder of your ancestors.
  • His experience on the show “Who Do You Think You Are” 
  • How individuals and socities who focus on African American research can be featured more on the national stage

Click play below to listen.


Links mentioned in this podcast:

150 Years Later Book Website –

Mississippi to Africa Book Website –

Robert W. Woodruff Library – Atlanta University Center –

Afro American Historical and Genealogical Society, Metro Atlanta Chapter –

NBC’s Who Do You Think You Are, Season 3, Spike Lee –

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