Mission and Goals

Mission and Goals

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The Organizing Members

The African American Genealogical Society of Northern California (AAGSNC) was founded in March 1996 under the leadership of Kathryn Burgess Smith. The organizing members were Charlesetta Braggs-Ford,  Jeanette Braxton-Secret, Charles T. Brown, Rayford Bullock, Electra Kimble Price,  and Ranie George Smith.

The organizers had a strong desire to preserve and promote the study of records of a genealogical and historical nature relating to African American ancestry. AAGSNC, a nonprofit organization (91-1886220), was incorporated in the state of California on November 4, 1998. AAGSNC is a member of the Federation of Genealogical Societies.



The African-American Genealogical Society of Northern California (AAGSNC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated in its commitment to national and international African-ancestry family history research. The society provides a unique approach to education, research skills and support to anyone interested in genealogy.