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African Americans in the Arkansas Legislature, 1868-1986

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African Americans in the Arkansas Legislature, 1868-1986

Name County Branch Party Term
ADAIR, B. F. Pulaski House Democrat 1891-1892
AGERY, Jack1        
BELL, George W.2 Desha Senate Republican 1891-1894
CARR, John H. Phillips House Republican 1889-1894
DAWSON, R. A.3 Jefferson House   1873-1874
    Senate   1879-1880
DAWSON, S. W. Jefferson House Republican 1889-1892
DONAHOO, J. N.4 Phillips House Republican 1877-1878
    House   1887-1892
FORBUSH, W. H. Lee House   1879-1880
GILLIAM, Isaac Pulaski House   1879-1880
GRAY, William E.5 Pulaski House   1881-1882
GRAY, William H.6 Phillips House   1868-1870
HAIRS, Ferdinand3 Jefferson House   1873-1874
HAWKINS, Monroe6 Lafayette House   1868-1870
    House   1873-1874
JEWELL, Dr. Jerry D. Pulaski Senate   1973-1986
JOHNSON, Henry A. Chicot House Republican 1891-1892
JOHNSON, Thomas P.6 Pulaski      
LOWE, G. W. Monroe House Republican 1889-1892
LUCAS, J. Gray7 Jefferson House Republican 1891-1892
MASON, James W.6 Chicot Senate   1868-1872
MURPHY, R. A. Jefferson House   1879-1880
MURPHY, William6 Jefferson House   1877-1878
RECTOR, Henry6 Pulaski      
SAMUELS, Richard R.6 Hempstead House   1868-1870
WATSON, G. W. Crittenden House Republican 1891-1892
WEDDINGTON, R. C. Desha House Republican 1891-1892
WHITE, James T.8 Phillips House   1868-1870
    Senate   1871-1874
WILLIAMS, H. N. Lincoln House Republican 1891-1892
WOOLFOLK, S. L. Jefferson House Republican 1889-1892
1A Black speaker during 1872 election.
2First Black to serve in Senate.  Graduate of Lincoln University in Pennsylvania and a school teacher.
3Represented district consisting of Jefferson, Bradley, Grant and Lincoln counties.
4Only 20 years old when elected.
5Only Black to serve in 1881 General Assembly.
6One of eight Black delegates to the 1868 Constitutional Convention.
7Honor graduate of Boston University Law School.
8Delegate to 1868 and 1874 Constitutional Conventions.


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