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Buffalo Soldiers - Fort Bayard National Cemetery

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 Fort Bayard National Cemetery
Buffalo Soldiers from the 9th and 10th Cavalry and other Units  were buried here from the 1870's to the 1930's. These records do not represent the complete list of burials.  Cemetery records of Fort Bayard National Cemetery in Fort Bayard, Grant County, New Mexico are now online.
Name Rank Company Regiment
Alexander, J.H. Serg't H 10th US Cav
Bailey, Chas. D.   I 10th US Cav
Baldwin, B.B.   L 25th US Inf
Ballentine, Cyrus   D 25th US Inf
Bardison, Geo.   D 10th US Cav
Bartlett, Squire   H 9th US Cav
Bettis, James Corpl. C 9th US Cav
Boyd, Hampton   A 24th US Inf
Boyd, T. W.   F 24th US Inf
Boyer, G. W.   D 24th US Inf
Brown, Greed   E 24th US Inf
Bunch, Thos.   H 10th US Cav
Butler, Hiram Corp'l C 24th US Inf
Carroll, R. T.   A 9th US Cav
Carter, Frank   F 25th US Inf
Chase, Levi Corp'l L 9th US Cav
Clark, Cornelius Corpl E 9th US Cav
Clay, Matthew G.   M 9th US Cav
Clements, Chas. F.   H 24th US Inf
Cunningham, Geo.   H 10th US Cav
Dawson, John W.   I 24th US Inf
Derchilo, Jos.   C 9th US Cav
Derrick, Sam'l Sgt. C 24th US Inf
Drake, Luther   B 9th US Cav
Edwards, Jno.   H 24th US Inf
Ellis, Rob't   E 24th US Inf
Evans, Elijah   F 10th US Cav
Finny, Will   M 10th US Cav
Forman, And'w Corp'l D 24th US Inf
Foster, Leon D.   A 9th US Cav
Fowler, Arthur   25th US Inf
Frazier, Lewis Sergt. D 10th US Cav
Freeman, Johnson Band   25th US Inf
Frisby, J.T.   G 24th US Inf
Gant, John   H 24th US Inf
Gaskins, W.E.   D 9th US Cav
Grant, Geo.   L 10th US Cav
Gray, Gilbert   Cas.Det. 9th US Cav
Gray, Robert Corp'l Band 25th US Inf
Grear, Chas. O.   H 24th US Inf
Green, Geo.   H 25th US Inf
Gress, J.G.   Cas.Det. 24th US Inf
Grice, Perry   Cas.Det. 10th US Cav
Griffin, Geo.   H 25th US Inf
Groom, M.B.   D 24th US Inf
Gwen, John C.   L 9th US Cav
Hampton, G. W.   Band 25th US Inf
Harrison, Julius   H 24th US Inf
Harrison, Richard Serg't M 9th US Cav
Hawkins, W.H.   L 24th US Inf
Henry, O.D.   L 24th US Inf
Hood, John Sergt E 9th US Cav
Huddleston, William   B 24th US Inf
Johnson, Chas.   B 24th US Inf
Johnson, E.   C 9th US Cav
Johnson, Jno.   L 9th US Cav
Johnson, Thos.   D 24th US Inf
Jones, Edmund   E 25th US Inf
Jones, Wm.   F 25th US Inf
Kelly Jr., Jos.   K 24th US Inf
Lankford, Henry   E 25th US Inf
Lawrence, J.O.   E 24th US Inf
Leonard, Thos.   F 24th US Inf
LeRuck, Sam   Cas.Det. 10th US Cav
Long, Gid.   L 10th US Cav
Mack, Wm.   L 24th US Inf
Major, Alfred   I 9th US Cav
Martin, Jno   C 9th US Cav
Marts, Harry   F 10th US Cav
Mason, Chas.   F 25th US Inf
Mason, Henry   A 24th US Inf
Mathigly, Henry Sgt. C 9th US Cav
McCalley, Wiley   A 25th US Inf
McKinley, Gay   E 25th US Inf
Meehan, G.H.   M 25th US Inf
Miles, James   F 25th US Inf
Miller, Syl'r   I 25th US Inf
Moore, A.L.   M 10th US Cav
Murman, Charley   K 10th US Cav
Nicherson, Floyd   F 25th US Inf
Norris, Jefferson   M 24th US Inf
Raines, H.R.   Cas.Det. 10th US Cav
Reed, Chas. Sergt. L 24th US Inf
Reed, Chas.   C 24th US Inf
Rhodes, Ray   B 24th US Inf
Robinson, Jas.   Cas.Det. 9th US Cav
Robinson, Soloman Corpl. F 9th US Cav
Ross, Leon   M 9th US Cav
Ross, Wm. H.   H 10th US Cav
Russel, Sol.   B 25th US Inf
Schwab, Chas. Chf. Mus   24th US Inf
Shaw, Perry   D 10th US Cav
Smith, G. W. Lieut   9th US Cav
Swan, Edw'd   G 9th US Cav
Taylor, Jno.   A 25th US Inf
Thomas, Chas.   D 24th US Inf
Thompson, Rob't   A 24th US Inf
Underwood, C.   B 24th US Inf
Underwood, E.M.   B 24th US Inf
Vanleer, Percy L.   E 24th US Inf
Washington, Ernest   A 10th US Cav
Washington, Jno.   C 25th US Inf
Westley, L.   Cas.Det. 10th US Cav
White, Issac Sergt. F 25th US Inf
Wicsny, And' W.   C 10th US Cav
Williams, Jonas Trumpter E 9th US Cav
Wilson, Geo.   D 25th US Inf
Woodward, Major   L 9th US Cav
Worrell, Wm. Saddler F 9th US Cav
Wright, Jas. Sgt. M 9th US Cav
Wright, Thomas   B 9th US Cav
Young, Douglas Sergt. M 9th US Cav


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