Monday, February 19, 2018
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Forums Tutorial

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How to Use AAGSNC Forums

The Internet has enabled people to join together into communities based upon like interests or like preferences and or services. One way to help foster community for the AAGSNC is the online Forums.

The AAGSNC forums allow members and potential members to interact with each other through the United States and World Region Surname Forums. The Frums can even help you learn about possible improvements to make regarding your genealogical research.


To join the AAGSNC Online Forums you must Log in or Register. 





Next set up your Profile.




Posting on a Forum.


Select a State to begin your new post. The new page will give two options (NEW THREAD) and  MARK FORUM READ.



Select New Thread which also means New Post and type in your content. Be sure to spell check your content.



You may attach files, images and video to your content. 

Image Uploads are for Registered and logged-in users Only.

The Maximum image size is as follows. 
Max. Image Height:  800 
Max. Image Width:    800
Max. Image Filesize : 150
in Kilobytes   

Files can be uploaded by Registered and logged-in users Users Only. 

File types allowed are: zip, txt, doc, gz, tgz, pdf.

Max . File size is 120 in Kilobytes

Inappropriate content will be deleted from the Forums.

Pre-viewing your content is highly recommended, you can make any changes needed before submitting your Post to the Forums. You also have the option to cancel your Post.


How To Reply To A Post.

Select the Category/State/Subject that you wish to reply. Once selected you will see several menu boxes, the first is REPY TOPIC. Click to leave your reply.


After submitting your reply that's it. Don't Forget to Log Out upon completion.


Using the Forums is an easy way for new researchers to communicate with the experienced researchers. It also gives many other users the chance to participate. So you have the situation where members may say, 'How do I use this?' Other members may already know how to do this and may be willing to share."


The answer is then posted in the Forums so that others who comes along later with the same question may find their answer(s) quickly.


The Administrator moderates the Forums to ensure compliance with  the AAGSNC commitments and goals. Additional helpful tip will be added periodically to the  make your use of the Forums  informative and enjoyable.

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